Glaucoma --should I use pilocarpine eye drops?

It depends. Pilocarpine is still rarely used to treat some types of glaucoma. There are many newer drops that have a better side effect profile. Eye doctors tend to use these instead.
If prescribed. Pilocarpine is a classic antiglaucoma medication. It is effective but has fallen out of favor due to its side effects - pupillary constriction and focusing issues especially in younger patients. You should follow the advice of your ophthalmologist and if he determines a need for this eyedrop, go for it.

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Glaucoma & pilocarpine eye drops, do the drops help?

Classic treatment. Pilocarpine was the first anti-glaucoma drop developed and has been in use over 100 years. It constricts the pupil and affects the focus of the eye so it has largely been replaced by effective drops that have fewer side effects. It still is a useful agent in some cases and is still available on prescription. Read more...