Are there treatment options for peripheral arterial disease?

Treat symptoms. The mere presence of narrowing or compromise of blood flow in arteries is not a reason for treatment unless there are symptoms. Ulcers, pain, gangrene are symptoms that in the presence of pad need to be treated. Just because there is narrowing of the arteries without symptoms, does not warrant any treatment. Prevention by not smoking, blood sugar and cholesterol control and excercise will help.
Treatment options. Stop smoking, regular exercise, healthier diet. Keep blood pressure and blood sugar under control with diet or medications. You doctor may prescribe anti-cholesterol medications and blood thinners. If more severe, you may need angioplasty or stent placement or bypass surgery. If you have a concern for PAD consult your doctor to get tested.
Vascular disease . There are many treatment options. These range from medications to surgery. See your local vascular specialists to see what is best for you.