What is the type of anemia that is hereditary and causes your hair to go grey?

Pernicious anemia. Patients with penicious anemia (pa) produce antibodies against the parietal cells of the stomach which produce intrinsic factor which is necessary for absorbing vtiamin B12 and when virtamin B12 can't be absorbed red blood cell production is decreased, causing anemia. Pa runs in families and is assoicated with premature graying and blue eyes.
Pernicious anemia. There is one well-known old wives' tales associated with gray hair: the idea that plucking one gray hair will cause two to grow back. This is not true at all. You also cannot be shocked into having a streak of gray hair. Graying of the hair is a gradual process that takes several years.One cause of gray hair, although rare, is a vitamin B12 deficiency. And people who smoke are four times more than.