What is ocular herpes signs and symptons?

Pain, blurry vision. This presents as pain, blurring of vision, chemosis (swelling of conjunctiva), conjuncivitis, and dendritic lesions of the cornea. Chorioretinitis is in neonates and HIV pts. Due to widespread infection. Rarely acute necrotizing retinitis is a serious complication.

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Which is ocular herpes and what are the signs and symptons?

Herpes on eye. This is a breakout of the herpes simplex virus usually onto the cornea (although it can also involve the lids). It causes eye redness, vision drops, pain in the eye and excess tear flow. If treated early it can be beaten back easily with specific anti-viral medication. But delay in this can cause scarring. Check in with your ophthalmologist to take care of this. Read more...