Is there treatment for the ocular herpes to prevent blindness?

Yes but limited. Treatment consists of topical trifluorothymidine, vidarabine, idoxuridine, acyclovir, and interferon for acute keratitis. In some cases, debridement may be needed. Topical steroids can worsen disease.

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I have ocular herpes on left eye. But after treatment my right eye is starting to get the same symptoms, is there a chance my right eye can get affected?

Get care immediately. Yes, you could have herpes in the other eye. Or sympathetic ophthalmia, in which injury or infection in one eye causes the immune system to attack the other. Either can be very serious if not diagnosed and treated promptly; you should immediately contact the doctor treating your ocular herpes. It may be entirely unrelated and nothing serious, but don't take the chance. Good luck!

Is there any other treatment for my ocular herpes other than taking antiviral everyday? My Dr said theres no other solution for my disease is this true

Believe the doctor. Herpes on the cornea can be very serious. If not treated it can scar and affect the vision. Do not take any risks with this and take the anti-viral medication which is usually quite effective.