How can you tell the difference between appendicitis or mesenteric lymphadenitis?

They can be similar. Mesenteric lymphadenitis is an inflammation of the lymph nodes in the membrane that attaches your intestine, or bowel, to your abdominal wall. Mesenteric lymphadenitis usually results from an intestinal infection. Unlike appendicitis, however, mesenteric lymphadenitis is seldom serious and clears on its own.
Ct scan. Usually a ct scan is done, and, assuming the appendix is visualized, there is usually a marked swelling of the appendix i. Appendicitis and not ml.

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Appendicitis or mesenteric lymphadenitis, what to do?

Use antibiotics. Scan of theabdomen can tell whether there is an abscess around the appendix or an appendicolith which would would indicate an inflammatory process in the appendix. If there is no evidence of perforation and white count stable one can attempt to control the picture with antibiotics only. Read more...

What are appendicitis and mesenteric lymphadenitis?

Remove vs resolve. Appendicitis starts, progresses, with pain in lower right abdomen, fever and signs of infection. Surgeons remove the bad appendix, hopefully before it ruptures. Surgically cured! mesenteric lymphadenitis, different but not easy to tell. Patients feel poorly, pain in the same area, fevers, not as severe or acute as appendicitis. Patients often get an appendectomy, but have benign pathology. Read more...