Does anyone treat vitelliform macular dystrophy?

See a retina special. There are no treatments for this. In the very small percentage that also get choroidal neovascularization, anti-vegf injections are helpful. This is a disease where gene therapy will theoretically be helpful in the future.
Not to my knowledge. Vitelliform macular dystrophy causes a fatty yellow pigment (lipofuscin) to build up in cells underlying the macula. This causes central vision loss or distortion. Peripheral and night vision usually ok. Considered a genetic disorder. Consult your local opthalmologist for potential treatments being developed.

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What can one do to treat macular dystrophy?

See retinal doctor. Macular degeneration comes in several forms. It is unlikely at your age. Treatment involves some forms of laser, injectable pharmaceuticals and rarely surgery. A multivitamin supplement is useful. See a retinal specialist for evaluation and treatment. Read more...
No current treatment. There are no current treatments for macular dystrophy although various avenues are being investigated. For now, low vision evaluation may help with your function. Read more...