What would cause my cervix to bleed after a pap test?

Normal. A pap smear can cause temporary spotting considering the stiff brushes & rigid spatulas we use for sampling now. Spotting is common especially if pregnant. If you have persistent bleeding, check with your doc & ensure your test was normal.

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Did pap smear yesterday, inflamed & bleeding cervix. Will go back after a week. Is there any medication I can take to stop my cervix from bleeding??

Treat locally. Once a lesion of the cervix starts bleeding the chance is that it will not stop spontaneously. One could apply laser treatment to stop it or else some form of cauterization. The easiest way however is to have your physician place a clotting substance such as surgicell against the cervix which should cause enough clotting to stop any further bleeding.

Went to my gynecologist she did a pap smear. Do to I have HPV she barely touched my cervix and it started bleeding some.?

Complication? I know of no specific relationship between pap smear post procedural bleeding and hpv infection. That said, you may want to follow-up sooner with your physician to double check that there is not some sort of complication (some spotting maybe ok but frank hemorrhage may need to be rechecked).

Could PID cause bleeding after sex? (had normal pap test 11 months ago)

PID pain more common. PID causes a great deal of pain with sex and likely makes the recipient forget that the reason for the encounter was "pleasure". Post sex bleeding is a very unlikely presentation for PID.