Is light sensitivity common for people who have migraines?

Extremely. Light sensitivity, or photophobia, is one of the hallmarks of migraine headache. In fact, if someone has headaches and does not have light sensitivity, it casts some doubt upon migraine as the underlying diagnosis!
Yes. About 80% of migraineurs have light sensitivity during headache attacks and about 80% have noise sensitivity as well.

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I can't tell if I get migraines or clusters. The headaches arelike clusters, but with the length, light sensitivity and nauseaof a migraine. What should I do?

Headache. It doesn't matter because most of the medications to prevent different kinds of headaches are the same.
Migraine vs Cluster. Cluster headaches usually occur for a short duration, multiple times in a confined period of time. Then you would go weeks or months before experiencing a cluster of headaches again. Migraines are very often related to a food trigger, menstruation, or sometimes change in barometric pressure. The headache is usually one sided, throbbing, and can be associated with nausea and light sensitivity.
Migraines. Cluster headaches are most common in males in their third and fourth decades. They are characterized by repetitive headaches of excruciating intensity. They can occur over 50 times a day. They disrupt a mans life to the degree that it often leads to suicide. A 16 year old female with your symptoms very likely has migraines. Migraines are controllable get specialist care to get correct treatment.

I have had a headache for 5 days. I don't have any nausea or light sensitivity. Could it be a migraine?

Possibly. If it continues or doesn't respond to over-the-counter medication, see your doctor.
Migraine diagnostic. The specific diagnostic criteria for migraine are: unilateral, throbbing pain that lasts from 4 to 72 hours. The pain is moderate or severe in intensity. Aggravation by or causing avoidance of routine physical activity (climbing stairs). The headache must have at least one of the following: nausea, light sensitivity or sound sensitivity. You don't have a migraine. See your PCP for diagnosis.

Iwoke up with a migraine which included light sensitivity and vomitting. I'm still nauseous and have a slight headache 2 days later. Is this normal?

Postdromal phase. Migraines can evolve over several days, and the prodrome may be 24 hrs, followed by the headache, and then a postdrome of 24 hrs. Your course is typical, and best to try an abortive med such as a triptan, or better yet, prevent futures headaches by usage of either meds or herbals.

Constant headache for almost 24 hours. Ibuprophen helps slightly. Light sensitivity and weak feeling. Should I be worried or is it just a migraine?

Sounds like migraine. It sounds like a migraine. Migraines usually cause light sensitivity and weakness, and can last for hours to days. Non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like ibuprofen can be helpful. Taking ibuprofen in combination with Tylenol (acetaminophen) may be more helpful. Lying still in a quiet dark room and trying to relax after you take medication is advisable. For more info see: http://understandingmigraine. Blogspot. Com/

I have had a severe headache for the past 5 days, along with fatigue, light sensitivity. I thought it was a migraine. I have a stiff neck as well toda?

Probably migraine. Most likely you do have a migraine, and stiff neck can be associated, but if you have a fever, feel dizzy, are sleepy or confused, could even consider viral meningitis, although less likely. Phone your doctor and discuss further.

Woke up with pain in back of neck / lower head - now severe migraine nausea & light sensitivity, cocodamil 30x500 no affect & ibuprofen, solutions?

Time is up. The management for migraine involves abortive therapy for the episodic migraine, and prophylactic therapy for the chronic and disabling migraine. If the combo that you took (codeine + paracetamol)l didn’t touch the migraine, you should seek medical assistance from a headache specialist. If not the headache might transform in chronic, rebound, and refractory type.

Three days of mild nausea, muscle cramping and tingling in legs, sweats and some light sensitivity. Plus one migraine. What's going on?

Complicated. There are so many illnesses that have these symptoms that I cannot give you a proper diagnosis. The symptoms are serious enough that you should see your family physician NOW.
May be unrelated. Muscle cramping and nausea may be due to some electrolyte imbalance. Tingling and light sensitivity may be related to some other vitamin deficiency that can be brought about by an episode of acute infection or inflammation. If symptoms don't go away within a week or so, please see your primary for an evaluation. Feel better!

Muscle, joint pain, fatigue, migraine, light sensitivity, cold hand/feet, widespread burning sensation, scolios 5+ years dr says I hypochondriac. Labs normal?

Therapy. You might want to see a teenage counselor or psychiatrist. There may be an underlying emotional issue that is causing your symptoms. It's very common and nothing to be ashamed of.