My wife has a bad venous leg ulcer & she was told by her doctor of this cream that is very expensive?

See a vein specialis. Leg ulcers are often caused by chronic venous insufficiency which is a problem that causes to much pressure to be in the veins near the skin. A venous specialist can diagnose and treat this condition. Our cure rate with venous ulcers is 97%.
Venous ulcer. if there is venous disease that should be treated there are many wound care products so unclear as to the one that you are refering to leg elevation, compression stockings are very helpful.
Cream and venous ulc. A venous stasis ulcer is treated with compression and local wound care, the latter by which is accomplished by no less than 4000 different wound care products on the market. Without safe compression, the wounds will not improve. Seek the help of a wound specialist.
Important to treat. I would recommend she talk to her doctor to discuss alternatives. There are a variety of treatments for venous stasis ulcers. What is important, is that she treat it aggressively. Dr l.

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