What are good products to use for someone with a leg ulcer?

Need more informatio. It is unusual for someone at age 34 having problem with leg ulcer. The question is whether you have an underlying disease such as diabetes which makes you more prone to get a leg ulcer. Problem with circulation will also lead to leg ulcer as well. Get evaluated by a doctor.
Ulcer. Firstly you must determine the source of the ulcer Once that is determined a treatment plan can be established In general leg elevation to reduce the inflammatory reaction is helpful irrespective of the source .
See vein specialist. Leg ulcers are often caused by chronic venous insufficiency which is a problem that causes to much pressure to be in the veins near the skin. A venous specialist can diagnose and treat this condition. Our cure rate with venous ulcers is 97%.
Various treatments. There are different types and causes of leg ulcers. It is best to se your doctor to discuss what is best for your particular problem. You need to be proactive and get aggressive with treatment. Dr l.