Are learning disabilities treated by psychiatrists?

Usually not. Learning disabilities are defined as " unexpected difficulty learning in a child with an average to above-average iq."most are language-based, like dyslexia is in 90% of cases. Medications do not treat learning disabilities directly; if there is adhd associated ( in about 30%), medications can help at the junction of attention and memory. Educational supports are helpful, but not curative.
Not usually. The first step in treating a learning problem is evaluation with a school psychologist or neuropsychologist. With the results a proper set of recommendations and treatments can be developed. Referral to an educational specialist may be needed. Neurologists and psychiatrists are not the doctors to treat the learning problem unless there is a medical or underlying psychological problem.
Learning disability. Typically, learning disabilities(LD) are treated by psychologists and special educators.. An Individual Education Plan (IEP), developed by parents and school can help for what is in the best interest of a child with LD. Specialized training in "educational therapies" such as specialized reading programs or working memory training can also be helpful.