What is the difference between ak, keratosis obturans and cholesteatoma?

Good questions. Keratosis obturans is a hyperkeratotic growth of superficial skin of the bony ear canal skin and as such is seborrheic dermatitis of the bony ear canal skin. Cholesteatoma, primary or secondary is a growth of skin in the middle ear arising from either a migration of skin from a perforation or congenital. Cholesteatoma is potentially dangerous and can destroy bone and result in serious disease.

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Please help! What is the difference between keratosis obturans and cholesteatoma?

Pathology and tx. Keratosis is a condition caused by keratin buildup in the ear canal and a cholesteatoma is squamous tissue building up in the wall of the canal. Keratosis can be treated with debridement of the keratin from the canal. Cholesteatomas can require surgery. . Read more...