Tell me about intraocular lens implants (monovision)?

Monovision IOLs. Monovision (one eye distance focus, one eye near) is a common method to correct presbyopia (loss of reading vision over age 40). The + is an increased independence from glasses. The - is a loss of depth perception and potential imbalance. A trial of monovision with contact lenses is recommended before surgical correction (cataract lens implants or laser vision correction).
Lens implants. There are many different types of lens implants; mono-focal (single distance lens), multifocat lens (one lens that does both far and near), accomodative lens (lens that flexes and gives both far and near). From what I am aware the most common would be both eyes recieving a mono-focal with both focused for distance (will need glasses for near vision). Mono-vision is one near and one far.