Can a migraine cause impaired vision temporarily?

Aura. Many people with classical migraines have stereotyped symptoms that precede the headache, referred to as an aura. If you do have an aura, use this as your trigger to immediately take an abortive medication (nsaids or a triptan), as early aboritve treatment is much more effective than waiting until the headache proper appears.

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Can a migraine cause impaired vision?

Temporarily. Migraines can be proceeded by visual auras or ophthalmic migraines, which block vision for up to an hour. As well, recurrent migraines may increase the risk of developing glaucoma, which if left untreated could lead to permanent vision loss. Read more...

Could a migraine cause impaired vision?

Yes. Visual effects precede headaches in many people who have migraines. This is one form of what is called the aura of the migraine. Also blurred vision can accompany the headache. Read more...