Why did my doctor give me bruscopan (hyoscine butylbromide) and omeprazole for lower abdominal pain?

Ask your doc. One is for acid suppression and the other an anti-spasm medication. It is best to always ask your doctors why they are prescribing each med.

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I'm experiencing stomach ache feling nausea since past 4 days my doc. Prescribed me ofloxacin ornidazole and Hyoscine butylbromide With no improvement?

Stomach pain. Have you had vomiting &/or diarrhea? A stool culture? Fevers? Stomach ache with nausea is most often due to: something you ate or your diet in general; virus/bacteria; medicines; other inflammatory disorders; other medical concerns (ie, tumor, cancer); consult with us to help you get to the bottom of this.