Related Questions

Homonymous hemianopia, could vision get restored?

Unlikely. This is usually the result of a vascular catastrophe or stroke in the occipital lobe of the brain. If persistent, there is little likelihood of improvement. There are occupational therapist s who can help you cope with this but reversal is not possible.

I have homonymous hemianopia - can vision get restored?

Unlikely. This condition is usually due to a stroke or vascular event in the occipital cortex which is the visual information processing part of the brain. We allow about 6 months for whatever recovery is likely and after that the changes are permanent. Check this out with a neuro-ophthalmologist.

With left homonymous hemianopia what is my field of vision? And technically could I drive in washington state?

Unlikely. The loss of the left field (from each eye in your case) is the worst possible for driving as we drive in the usa on the right side of the road and most important hazards come from the left which is a blind spot for you. Wa state will measure your vision which might b e fine, and will do a test of whether you can see to the left which you will fail. Frankly you will be a hazard to all on the road.

What is homonymous hemianopia?

Field loss. Homonymous hemianopia is a loss in either the right or left visual field of both eyes.

Can you tell me in right homonymous hemianopia the site of lesion is in?

Usually. Posterior to the optic chiasm suggestive of a serious intracranial process. If this is not just an academic question I would recommend rapid evaluation.