How does epinephrine affect the heart?

Epinephrine. Epi causes both blood vessel constriction and increased force of contraction. It usually also increases the rate of contraction. It usually increases blood pressure and cardiac output . These are acute effects.
Increase rate. Epineprines bind to b1 receptor on the heart and increase heart rate.

Related Questions

How long can epinephrine affect your heart?

A few minutes. The half-life of Epinephrine is about 2 minutes. We constantly release small amounts. This is increased by the "fight or flight" reflex, and when administered medically. The most common use is in local anesthesia, and the effects wear off quickly. Read more...

Can you tell me how halothane sensitizes the heart to epinephrine?

It blocks. potassium channels. I doubt you will find Halothane anymore in any US operating room. Read more...

Should I inject someone with an epipen (epinephrine) if that person has no heart beat?

Depends. If a person is having anaphylactic shock, their blood vessels may suddenly dilate. This can cause their blood pressure to drop, sometimes quite considerably. If the blood pressure is too low, the pulse may not be able to be felt; the heart is, however, still beating in this case. If a person is having anaphylactic shock, they need emergent treatment. Read more...