How does adrenaline work to treat anaphylaxis?

Epinephrine.... Will 1)constrict blood vessels, which raises blood pressure, 2) increase the heart rate, which raises cardiac output, 3) slows vascular leakage associated with anaphylaxis.
Multiple effects. Adrenaline (epinephrine) improves heart functioning increasing blood flow, opens narrowed breathing passages in the windpipe and lungs, and reduces leakage of small blood vessels in the skin and gut maintaining blood pressure. Epinephrine is the only medication we have that slows the mast cell release of the biochemicals causing anaphylaxis. All other drugs block their effects.

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How to treat anaphylactic shock if I'm on propranolol for WPW? Was warned I couldn't use Epipen (epinephrine) but concerned if I have reaction

Had anaphylaxis? If you have suffered anaphylaxis, first see an allergist and have him/her discuss with your cardiologist changing propranolol to another anti-arrhythmic drug. There are medications that will be effective for anaphylaxis in patients who are on propranolol, If you haven't suffered from anaphylaxis and have no life-threatening allergies, stop worrying. Read more...