What can generalized anxiety disorder lead to if not treated?

GAD. It becomes chronic, with avoidance leading to more anticipatory anxiety leading to more physical symptoms.
Untreated Anxiety. I understand your concern. Untreated Generalized Anxiety Disorder can lead to worsening of Emotional symptoms • Physical symptoms • Concentration for completing of tasks • Impairment of functioning in work, relationships, and personal hobbies • Untreated Anxiety with heart problems can lead to increased risk for acute cardiac events.
Anxiety. If untreated can lead to increasing anxiety and panic attacks. See pcp or psychiatrist for counselling, ways to overcome anxiety, & possible medications to relieve anxiety until you have learned ways to prevent anxiety build-up (like exercise, activities to distract your mind from worries, etc).
Depression, cardiac. We are not made to be on constant physiological arousal. We see some patients wrear down and develop a full blown depressive episode or even psychosis. Others suffer interpersonal, health or occupational impairment. We created a page for anxiety disorder basics with links to further resources: http://cpancf.Com/anxietydisordersbasics.Asp.
More anxiety! Gad or generalized anxiety disorder can be treated with medications and/or psychotherapy. Without treatment, and if severe enough- it may affect daily functioning.

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Could generalized anxiety disorder lead to gastroesophageal reflux disease?

Findings say 3X yes. Research finds risk of gerd is 3.2x greater for anxiety patients. Most people think there is a connection. This does not mean that it is directly a cause or that it is inevitable, but likely. Read more...
Yes. Some physical health conditions are associated with anxiety including gastroesophageal reflux disease (gerd). Consult your physician for evaluation and relief of symptoms. Read more...

Can generalized anxiety disorder cause you to have bad thoughts/intrusive Thoughts??

Repetitive thoughts. that you recognize as "bad", discomfiting, annoying or intrusive but are unable to get out of your head are obsessions. Repetitive, seemingly purposeless, simple or complex motor acts that temporarily reduce anxiety caused by obsessions are compulsions. You may have more than one anxiety disorder. Evaluation for OCD, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy & possible medication adjustments are warranted. Read more...

Can generalized anxiety disorder make you think people are talking behind your back?

It's a symptom. U know u don't feel right and u assume others are noticing & commenting about u--more likely they r thing about their own stuff. Read more...