What are the signs of colic?

Crying after feeds. Colic typically occurs in healthy infants, starts around 3 weeks of age, happens after feeds and is usually in the evening, when parents tend to be the most tired! babies cry unconsolably, their tummies grumble and appear distended, they may pass gas as they cry, they pull their legs up and clench their fists. Take turns with your partner so you can get some respite. Always consult your docotr.
Crying. Crying for greater than 3 hours per day for greater than 3 days per week at 3 weeks of age suggest colic. These children by definition are otherwise normal, eating well, growing well.

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What are the signs of colic an menagitis in a 6 week old babie?

See A Doctor NOW. The two are like apples & oranges. Colic is excessive crying but is benign however Meningitis is a serious & life-threatening infection. Making the distinction between the two in a 6 wk old infant requires examination by a doctor. Symptoms include crying, irritability, decreased appetite, fever. If your baby is crying, see your doctor NOW or go to an ER for correct diagnosis and prompt treatment. Read more...
Signs. Meningitis would be fever, irritability, lethargy, poor feeding, vomiting, and bulging of his "soft spot". Colic is typically a baby the cries a lot without another cause (reflux,constipation, infection, formula intolerance) Read more...