How to make pink eye swelling go down so I can go to work?

Chill. The inflammation of the conjunctiva (whites of the eye) can be treated with artificial tears that have been chilled in the refrigerator. Ice can be used to help the swelling around the eye to go down. The viruses that cause pink eye have a very high attack rate (this means they are highly contagious). Be very careful not to transmit the virus to your colleagues and family. Therefore, chill!
Time and meds. Time is needed for the sx of pink eye to resolve. Although pink eye can be a viral process, it's often tx'd with antibiotic eye drops & you'd generally need to see a doctor to determine if it's bacterial or not. Lubricating drops can help w/ some sx, and otc antihistamine drops sometimes help some patients, for allergic conjuctivitis & even sometimes other types. Hope you feel better soon.