Why are my eye floaters getting bigger and worse?

See opthalmologist. Age and inflammation can commonly casuse the gel-like fluid (vitreous) in the eye to liquefy and detach leading to loose floaters. More than 50% of 80 year olds will have a vitreous detachment. 40 % of people with posterior vitreous detachments who also experience light flashes can have a 15% chance of developing a retinal tear. Therefore see an opthalomologist immediately.
Floaters. It sounds as if you have had a posterior vitreous detachment. This is a situation where the vitreous(jelly) of the eye detaches (not a retinal detachment), it then "crumples" up leaving dots, spots, strands of blurry vitreous; i.e. The "floater". You should have an exam to ensure the incident did not tear the retina, which could lead to a retinal detachment. More areas of jelly may be changing!