What makes eye floaters to become more disturbing?

Age, inflammation. Age and inflammation/infection can commonly casuse the gel-like fluid (vitreous) in the eye to liquefy and break apart leading to loose floaters. More than 50% of 80 year olds will have a vitreous detachment. 40 % of people with posterior vitreous detachments who also experience light flashes can have a 15% chance of developing a retinal tear. Therefore see an opthalomologist immediately.
Probably benign. Floaters are common and become more so in middle years (age 45-70). Isolated 1-3 floaters without vision change, without flashes of light and without seeing a leafy vein pattern are probably not a problem. If any of these occurs, see an ophthalmologist. The presence of a floater or two alone without accompanying symptoms usually is not a problem.
Floaters. They can shift or move to a different location in the vitreous, causing symptoms that you notice more with activities of daily living.

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Does stress makes eye floaters to become more disturbing or worse?

Yes. During stressful episodes, floaters can appear more prominent. However, this may not represent and permanent change or dangerous condition. After proper rest, if the floaters persist they should be evaluated an trained eyecare professional for any possible change in medical condition of the eyes. Read more...
Possibly. Could make them seem more noticeable, just as stress can seem to worsen any annoyance. Read more...