How long should my eyes stay dilated after a visit with an eye doctor? I think they use too much medicine.

It depends. It depends on what eye drops are used to dilate your eyes. Some dilating drops last only around 3 hours, another may last 6 hours , another may last 2 to 4 days and another may last up to 2 weeks. The 2 to 4 day and the 2 week drops are used for treatment as opposed to examining an eye. Also, some eyes tend to be more sensitive to dilating drops and the effect tends to last longer in such patients.
3-48 hours. It depends on the medicine they used. Most ophthalmologists use a combination of two drops that usually wear off after 3-6 hours. However, drops such as scopolamine or Atropine can last a few days in certain folks. Call and ask the office what they used and how long you should expect to wait for it to wear off.

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How long should my eyes stay dilated after a visit with an eye doctor?

Hours usually. For most people their eyes are undilated after 4-6 hours. However, for some it is less, and occasionally, some people can have theirs dilated somewhat for 24-48 hours. The symptoms of light sensitivity and decreased near vision usually resolve within 4-6 hours though. Read more...
A few hours. The typical dilating drops used at most eye doctors last about 4-6 hours. Some individuals are more sensitive to the effects and can remain dilated for up to a day. And if stronger dilating drops were used for a particular reason, their effects could last from 8 to 24 hours. Read more...