What do dry eyes feel like?

Dry eye. Dry eye = irritation, scratchiness, foreign body sensation, blurred vision, eye strain or fatigue, eye pain, headache.
Scratchy. Often dry eye patients refer to irritation, scratchyness, and a feeling of sand paper in the eye. Symptoms can include light sensitivity, tearing and foreign body sensation in the eye. Initial treatment usually includes increasing lubrication in the eye.

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What do dry eyes vs contacts feel like?

Variable. Dry eyes can be severe and uncomfortable despite treatments whereas contacts typically may be uncomfortable at first, but with a normal eye and a proper fitting, usually a lens with the correct shape and oxygen diffusion can eventually work and not cause discomfort. Read more...
Dye eye symptoms. Dry eye = scratchiness, irritation, blurred vision, mild light sensitivity, reactive tearing, improvement with rest or eye blinking. Read more...