Has anyone with dry eye had eye lid surgery before?

Yes. Depends on type of eyelid surgery. Sometimes the eyelid needs to be repaired to reduce dry eye such as ectropion/entropion repair, and sometimes dry eye is a known complication of eyelid surgery such as blepharoplasty or ptosis repair. Should figure out severity of dry eye at baseline and risks/benefits based on type of eyelid surgery.
Yes. I tend to be more conservative in this situation. If your eyes are already dry at your age, the biggest concern is that it will get worse as you get older. Assuming we are talking about cosmetic eyelid surgery, you will increase your risk for dryness due to evaporation. If the eyelid is causing the dry eye, such as in an ectropion, then get the surgery done as soon as possible to fix it.
Dry eye bleph. It is important to address dry eye prior to eyelid surgery because there often is increased evaporation of tears after. I routinely perform a schirmer test (5 minute tear production) before blepharoplasty. I will treat with punctal plugs any patient with less than 10mm of tears. Omega 3s are useful in the long run, but can not be used immediately prior to eyelid surgery due to bleeding risk.

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Since eye lid lift surgery 2 yrs ago I have probs with dry eye syndrome. I use Clinitas eye gel and take flaxseed oil caps. Is sea buckthorn better?

No, but. they are not mutually exclusive. Dry eye from exposure (not being able to close the lids all the way) is a common problem after an eye lid lift. The surgeon has to estimate pre-op how much tissue to remove and how far to lift. Surgeons normally take less than what seems perfect to avoid this dry eye problem. All dry eye therapies can be helpful. See eye MD that specializes in dry eye. Read more...