How to cure dry eyes?

No cure. Dr eye syndrome can be mild moderate or severe. It's chronic and not curable only treatable.
Not yet. "dry eyes" is a catch all name for describing signs. It can be multifactorial and difficult to pinpoint to focus treatment. Fortunately for the drug companies this is a fabulous monetary growth opportunity that is only increasing so that more research money is beinginvested.Stay tuned.
Control dry eye. There are many effective treatments for dry eye. Artificial tears and omega 3s control dry eye for most patients. Punctal plugs slow the rate of outflow from the eye and are very effective. Restasis can improve tear production. Serum tears are the best option in severe cases that have not responded to the above. Tear lipid deficiency can also be helped with warm compresses and other treatment.
Dry eye. Dry eye is a chronic disease so there is no cure. If can be treated and controlled with appropriate therapy.
Increase tears. Tears can be increased by adding artificial tears, slowing drainage by placing plugs in tear drainage ducts or by using medications to improve function of glands that produce tear components (restasis). Systemic medications should be reviewed and substituted if possible alot of the make dry eye worse. Most common are antihistamines, diuretics and beta blockers. Other meds also ask your dr.
Dry eyes. Generally dry eyes occurs gradually sometimes watering of eyes but most times itchy eyes. Most times you will find no good reason and use of lubrication drops or artificial tears work well but will have to be continued for years.
Dry eyes! No cure, but you can start with artificial tears routinely (one drop 4 times a day every day), oral omega-3's, and warm compresses. Next, medicated drops (restasis, mild steroid drops, NSAID drops) or punctal occlusion may be helpful.

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How can I cure blurryness for dry eyes?

Lubricate. The blurriness likely comes from disturbance of the ocular surface caused by inflammation from the dryness. If the surface of the eye is irregular so will be the image seen through it! aim should be to identify and treat the cause, lubricate the eye with preservative free artificial tears and gel drops and possibly use restasis, a unique product designed to improve the health of the cornea. Read more...