Is distorted vision normal at first with contact lenses?

No. Contacts lenses to correct ordinary vision problems should given you comfortable, good vision right away. If there is distortion, check with the prescribing doctor to get an adjustment.
No. If the prescription is correct, the lenses should enhance your vision. Return to the eye care professional who prescribed them and have them check.

Related Questions

Is distorted vision initially normal with toric contact lenses?

Toric contact lenses. Check with your optomitrist who prescribed them. Some times the fit and ride of contact requires multiple visits and changes. It is not usually a perfect scenario. Particularluy after every blink there could be a 1 second distortion while the contact lens settles back into the right position.

Is it normal to have distorted vision when switching from glasses to contact lenses and vice versa?

Some questions: 1) hard or soft lens? 2) astigmatism correction in one or both? 3) Are both from the same refractive prescription? 4) First time you've worn contacts? 5) Problems with post-wear lens cleaning?