Is there any help out there for an ADHD adult?

Yes. Adukts respond to the same medications that children and adolescents with adhd do. Medications like strattera, vyvanse, Focalin (dexmethylphenidate) XR and Adderall XR are fda approved for adult adhd.
Yes. There are medications indicated for adult adhd. You should see a psychiatrist for futher help.
Absolutely. . Medication, psychological intervention and work place accommodations are important ways an adhd adult can be helped. This is an under treated portion of the population. Please seek help from a competent doctor if you think you have adult add.
Absolutely! If adhd is adversely affecting your performance, relationships, or self-esteem, you deserve effective treatment. See a mental health physician who is expert in treating adhd. There are many good strategies, habits, and medicines that can be incorporated into your life to give you a comprehensive treatment program that makes a positive difference for you.