How many days after a cataract surgery before it gets clear?

Postop vision. Vision after cataract surgery is usually very good within a few days of surgery. For complete recovery, it may take 1-2 weeks.
Depends. On how severe the cataract was, and therefore on the amount of swelling that results after. May just be a day or two, or can be a couple of weeks in severe cases.
Varies. Usually starting the morning after surgery is the baseline starting point and the vision should only get better from there. Usually "clear" 24 hours to one week after surgery.
Depends. Depending on pre-surgery risk factors (no diabetes affecting retina, normal optic nerve, minimal dry eye, no visual pathway issues or lazy eye) & intra-surgery events (not much energy needed, no vitreous/gel loss) most patients have good vision within a couple of days after surgery. See for further information.