What symptoms when you have a cataract?

Symptoms Are... Blurred and distorted vision light sensitivity double vision in one eye poor night vision colors are less vivid glare and halos around bright lights.
Poor vision and... Cloudy vision, blurry vision, glare, and loss of color perception are common with cataracts. More info: cataract surgery michigan.
Cataract symptoms. Cataracts can cause halos/glare especially when driving at night, blurry vision, loss of contrast sensitivity (decreased contrast between objects & background ) & decreased vision: Cataract is leading cause of preventable blindness in world. More info: eyedoc2020@blogspot.com.
Blurred vision. Blurred vision, glare, halos around lights, can not see the baseball score on TV, miss street signs. "You can not see as well as you used to"