What is cataract and what form does the newest removal operation take?

Blurry vision. Cataracts, a cloudiness in the natural lens of the eye, can cause different types of blurry vision syimptoms such as glare, fuzziness, haze, loss of clarity. Removing them is done by ultrasound, and is called phaco emulsification. A newer laser modality - the femtosecond laser can assist in some parts of the surgery. Preliminary studies are ongoing as to efficacy and safety of this new modality.
Cataract. A cataract is a haziness or opacity of the lens of the eye which can cause blurry vision. In cataract surgery a very small incision is made in the cornea and an instrument called a phacoemulsifier is used to suction out the lens material and a lens implant is put in its place.