Whats the best doctor to see if bulging eyes?

Endocrinologist. Hyperthyroidism must always be ruled out for patients with "bulging eyes". However your primary care family dr. Or internist can just as easily order the necessary blood tests. Good luck.
Dr for bulge. You should start with an ophthalmologist. He or she may refer you to an endocrinologist if they think the condition is related to the thyroid or Graves' disease.

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Hi doc. Do I need to see an opthalmologist for. My bulging eyes? I was diagnoses with graves disease and taking methimaxole for almost one mobth alread

Yes. You need a thorough ophthalmologic examination to establish your baseline as well as to treat anything that is apparent from your examination findings. Furthermore, graves' disease management is a multidisciplinary approach involving usually an endocrinologist, ophthalmologist ;#40;strabismologist, oculoplastic, general;#41;, and occasionally a radiation oncologist. And yes, stop smoking!

Is the pred forte eye drops helps to cure bulging eyes?? . The hyperthyroidsm is in control. What is the best treatment for bulging eyes?? Thanks.

See eye doctor. Hi. Graves' eye disease comes in a wide range of severity from mild to vision-threatening. Please see an ophthalmologist experienced in treatment of Graves' ophthalmopathy. Treatments can include eye moisturizing, prednisone (systemic, not eye drops), surgeries, and radiation. You should see an experienced ophthalmologist.