How do you treat moderate hypoglycemia caused by adrenal insufficiency?

Treat the cause. First, you need to find out what's causing the hypoglycemia. If the hypoglycemia is caused by adrenal insufficiency, then treating the adrenal insufficiency will improve the hypoglycemia. There are many causes of adrenal insufficiency, and you will need to find out what's causing the adrenal insufficiency so you can treat it adequately but in ggeneral, steroid administration is the treatment.
Adrenal treatment. If your adrenals are treated and you eat a healthful diet you should have no hypoglycemia. However, the symptoms of hypoglycemia are due to release of adrenaline, one of the body's ways of raising blood sugar, the same thing can happen with stress. Also, with stress we tend to eat the wrong foods for comfort.
Adrenal insuffiency. Assuming adrenal insufficiency is clearly documented, the first treatment is hydrocortisone replacement. Using hydrocortisone, the typical dose is 25 mg in am, and 12.5 mg in pm. This is customized to the person. Then, complex carbs, some fats, adequate protein, and some simple carbs at regularly spaced intervals are essential - every 3-4 hours. One needs 25-30 cal / kg wt per day. .