How can I prevent getting bloodshot eyes from contacts?

Eye & contact care. Be sure you're cleaning and using your contacts as directed by your eye doctor. Consider switching to daily disposable contacts if you use monthly contacts and have a prob w/ redness. Consider wearing your glasses more often to give your eyes more breaks from the contacts. Consider other causes or red eyes such as allergies. If you still have probs, please talk w/ your eye doctor.

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How can you prevent bloodshot eyes?

Depends on the cause. The are many causes for 'bloodshot eyes'. It can be a symptom of a systemic problem such as a thyroid condition. It can be caused by allergies, dry eye, inflammation or a sign of an infection. I suggest a thorough eye evaluation to determine the cause. Read more...

What are ways to prevent bloodshot eyes?

Allergy, dryness. Common causes of eye redness include allergy, dry eye, irritation from airborne particles (smoke, dust), and chronic eyelid inflammation / infection. It is reasonable to see an eye doctor for guidance and to make a diagnosis. Avoid "get the red out" drops as these are irritating and only temporarily blanch out vessels. Artificial tears, avoiding airborne irritants and allergens, and eyelid hygeine. Read more...