Blood in eye wont go away, been a month since nose job?

Time +. Red discoloration of the white part of the eyeball (scleral hemorrhage) could be the result of coughing during extubation if you had general anesthesia. It should gradually clear but may take several months... Dark bruising of lower eyelid (s) may result from bleeding during narrowing of nasal bones and will gradually fade. Laser treatments (e.g. Excel v or vbeam) and skin topicals can help.
Don't worry. If your vision is okay do not be alarmed... It should resolve soon. If worried see your rhinoplasty surgeon.
In your eye? If it's a subconjunctival hemorrhage it often takes a long time to resolve. It acts like a bruise - changes color over time. Look up subconjuntival hemorrhage. If the blood in your eye is consistent with this it's benign, for anything else particularly if you have pain, or visual changes or if it's getting worse you should be seen by an ophthalmologist asap.