What is the blind spot?

The Optic Nerve. The part of the back of the eye where the optic nerve head leaves the eye to carry the message of vision to the brain has no rods or cones and therefore shows up in the visual field test as a "blind spot".

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What is a blind spot? Why do we have one?

BS. The physiologic blind spot is the area about 12 degrees temporal to center of vision. It corresponds to the location of the optic nerve head. There is no light sensitive tissue on the ONH. You can find your blind spot by closing one eye, looking at your thumb at arm's length, and slowly moving your arm away from your body while staring straight ahead. Your thumb will disappear.

I want to know what's the blind spot and why does everyone have it?

The blind spot in. Our visual field is due to the placement of the optic nerve. This is the part of the brain that enters the eye which contains primarily neurons (nerve tissue) and not photoreceptors (rods ; cones). The lack of photoreceptors prevent light from being absorbed for processing. We need the optic nerve to deliver the retinal signals to the brain for processing the images we see.

What is blind spot of eyes.?

Everyone has it. The blind spot of the eye is referring to a spot in your vision that you can't actually see. The brain has to use information from the other eye to fill the this gap. The back of the eye has photoreceptor cells, but those cells do not cover the entire back of the eye, therefore leaving a gap. I imagine that a google search would show a website that could demonstrate this blindspot for you.
End of optic nerve. At the back of the eye, all of the nerve fibers come together to join at the optic nerve which carries the picture to the brain. Strangely, there are no light receiving cells over the end of the optic nerve, so it leaves a blind spot in the vision. However, the brain "imagines" what it expects to see in the area of the blind spot, so we are not aware of this permanent hole in the vision.
Optic nerve. Where the retinal nerve fibers exit the eyeball through the optic nerve, there is a blind spot in the visual field of all patients. It is quite small normally and difficult to detect without formal visual field testing.

How can one start seeing in the blind spot?

Can't. The physiologic blind spot is located in visual space where the optic nerve comes into the eye. There are no rods and cones in that location so no vision is possible there. The othere eye picks up the area that is missing so with both eyes we don't have a bind spot.

Can you develop blind spot without going blind?

Yes. But if your blind spot is new... You need to seek medical attention immediately. A newly developed blind spot is never normal and may be treatable.