Is there any treatment for blepharitis with dry eyes?

Dry eye/ blepharitis. Your description sounds like dry eye. Initial treatment is frequent artificial tears during the day, ointment at night, warm compresses a few times a day, and omega-3 fatty acid supplements. If no improvement, you should see an eye doctor for further evaluation.

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Can there be any treatment for blepharitis and dry eyes?

Lid hygiene. Blepharitis can involve the front of the lids (base of the eyelashes) or the back portion of the lids (where oil glands are located). It can definitely exacerbate dry eyes. Without an exam, it is difficult to recommend treatment. However, you might try warm compresses 5 - 10 minutes followed by a "lid scrub" with a commercially available pad such as occusoft. Systane ultra or refresh optive tears.
Sure! I would try conservative treatment with dry heat to the eyes for 10 minutes followed by lid massages for blepharitis. Ocusoft pads are also helpful and are over the counter. For dry eyes, try some tears first. If it is persistent, then see an ophthalmologist. Punctal plugs, restasis, oral and topical antibiotics or topical steroids may also be helpful.

What is a really effective treatment for chronic blepharitis that are causing mild eye irritation due to the white debris that cause dry eyes?

Hot compresses & Baby shampoo. Blepharitis is very common and affects the eyelashes at their bases and the glands that secrete lipid at the lid margins (meibomian glands). A variety of treatments are available but by far the most common and most effective is use of hot compresses and baby shampoo nightly. By softening the meibomian secretions, tear stability also improves. Some pts tend to get more.
Many options. Chronic blepharitis can be bothersome and cause chronic dry eyes. There are many therapy options: best to start naturally (warm compresses, diluted baby shampoo scrubs) & move up a "ladder approach" to antibiotic cream, otc foams. More info at: http://eyedoc2020.Blogspot. Com/2013/04/best-step-ladder-approach-to-dry-eye. Html.

Dry eyes n blepharitis. Seen 2 eye doc. Always give FML, (fluorometholone) lubricants. Sick of frequent eye inflammation, use eye drops daily n clean eyelid. Any cure?

The short answer is. Yes, you can treat the blepharitis with a variety of treatments. The American Academy of Ophthalmology advises a variety of treatments depending upon the etiology (cause) of your blepharitis. This can range from eyelid hygiene with OTC lid scrubs or baby shampoo, to topical and even oral antibiotic treatment. Have your ophthalmologist look at the margins to identify the cause.
Listen to eye docs. It is in your best interest to listen to your eye doctors. Ask them what the diagnosis is. The nature of your illness may be for the symptoms to recur again and again.

Is there a way to know whether my blepharitis cause my dry eyes or vice versa? Is it important to know what exactly cause both? Doc didn't explain.

Dry eyes. Dry eyes and blepharitis are both common eye problems. Inflammation, such as occurs with blepharitis, exacerbates dry eye syndrome. In addition, the eyelid oil glands are dysfunctional in blepharitis. This oil is part of the tear film and helps retard evaporation of the tears. The treatment of both is complex and chronic.

Does dry eyes cause blepharitis or belpharitis cause dry eyes?

Blepharitis v. dry. Dry eyes are very common and do not cause blepharitis to occur. Blepharitis, which can interfere with the secretion of essential oils and moistening agents, can lead to some degree of dryness as well.

Dry eyes blepharitis. On Dothiepin 31mg. Don't know if it contribute to problem. SSRI not well tolerated. Which antidepressant won't cause dry eyes?

All might do it. It really appears to be trial and error and w/ how long a weaning some require that's a very troubling reply - I know. Some that often do - don't for a particular person. I doubt anyone knows before hand. It's a good reason to consider CBT psychotherapy if your depression can be managed w/ little or w/out medications and their side effects. Worth a try while you switch meds seeking a winner!

Any links between dry eyes, blepharitis, floaters and possible diabetes?

No not really. They are separate entities but diabetics may be more prone to retinal problems and floaters may be an indication so if a diabetic has more floaters they should see the opthalmologist. The drye eyes and bleparitis do not really relate to diabetes or floaters.
Dry eyes. Dry eyes and blepharitis are certainly related. The rest of the symptoms are generally unrelated. If you have known diabetes and known diabetic retinopathy, new floaters could mean a bleed in the eye. See an ophthalmologist who will be able to check for these conditions.

From April 2013, 75mg Dothiepin. From Oct 2013, 37.5mg. Have severe dry eyes 1 month ago. Doc said it's blepharitis. Is it side effect of dothiepin?

Can be. Dethepin has been known to induce mouth and eye dryness. It is usually mild but those who have dryness to begin with can have more dryness added on. You say it is severe which is a hint that you might want to bring this up with the physician who initially prescribed dothepin.