How can I deal with adrenal fatigue while pregnant?

Fatigue or insuff. Adrenal insufficiency is a very serious disorder and as mentioned by dr. Powers needs to be managed by a specialist. Adrenal fatigue is a diagnosis that is very controversial in the medical field and many doctors do not consider to be an actual disease. Before taking anything for it during pregnancy, you should discuss with your OB or endocrinologist first.
Specialist. If you primary adrenal insufficiency, you will need to correct it before pregnancy. Untreated, maternal mortality in pregnancy can be as high as 45%. If treated appropriately, you shouldn't have a problem, although you will need Hydrocortisone at delivery, along with adequate saline hydration.

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How to deal with adrenal fatigue?

Feed your adrenals . Cortisol - as are all corticosteroids is derived from cholesterol. Studies have shown that a high saurated fat, low polyunsaturated fat diet will increase corticosteroid levels. Also supplementation with pregnenolone will increase ability of your adrenals to make cortisol, progesterone, estrogen, testosterone and other corticoids. Reduce all forms of stress. Get sleep and sunlight. Read more...
Many possibilities. There are innumerable medical, nutritional and emotional conditions that include being tired as a symptom. These range from simple issues to those far more complex. A good checkup and blood testing would be a good starting point. If you're embarking on a regimen for adrenal fatigue, just make sure the diagnosis is accurate and the work up is complete. Read more...