Is it ok to marry a man with an autism spectrum disorder?

Depends. "it depends if he wants to marry you." there are so many variables that are unknown in any marriage. Autistic people can have happy productive lives with a partner. Make sure you communicate and have realistic expectations about the future. There are adult support groups for adults with autism.
Yes. If you love him and understand autism and now how to communicate with him.....He is very lucky indeed, and so are you to have found love and be willing to do what it takes to make the marriage successful. When you go into a relationship (or any situation) eyes wide open and prepared and willing to do the work and understand all the ramifications, it is a very beneficial situation.

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Can it be no problem to marry a man with autism spectrum disorder?

Sure! If you don't mind a man who perhaps has a focus on science rather than ball-games. "autism spectrum disorder" is probably asperger's, a mixed blessing that gives intellectual focus plus a weird tendency to be a jerk without meaning to be. By adult life aspies are often productive & happy. Accept if he has zero natural social graces. It's more important to love a partner than understand them.

Is it ok to have kids with a man with autism spectrum disorder?

A Serious Matter. The decisions to take a mate and have children are likely the most important decisions we face in our lifetime. Our ability to have and/or rear children is dependent upon our ability to parent in a responsible manner and not dependent upon a diagnosis. If you select a spouse with a known condition, be sure that you fully understand the condition and especially the long term prognosis.
What is Ok? This is a decision you alone should make. I do not know what you mean by ok. Peolple do things for different reasons and if you love this person enough to want to marry him and he has the capabilty to make decisions about marriage, I believe the opinions that count should be those of you both.
You have the right. To ask, so that you two can make an informed decision. He has an increased risk of having a child with autism, whose symptoms may be more severe than dad's. If dad wants to get a cgh & dna probe for fragile x, results may show how high a risk he has. Your age also increases risk of genetic errors. Ask your OB for a referral to a prenatal genetic counselor to help with pre-pregnancy planning.
Children can get it. Transmission of autism is poorly understood but it can be transmitted genetically but rate of transmission is unpredictable as many genes are believed to be involved and some times only few features may be transmitted instead of the whole disorder. A trained genetic counselor is the best person to consult.

What sort of problem is an autism spectrum disorder?

Autism. Autism is in news lately. It is a dysfunction of the ability of a person to relate to others. It is sometimes associated with slow learning but a less common form (asperger's) has a high rate of focused talent. The cause is unknown but seems to be a 'wiring" disorder of the brain. It is not related to vaccine use. This is a very frustrating illness for parents who want to have love returned.
Common. Pdd occurs in about 1% of the population. It occurs more in males, is definitely genetic, & may be associated with many environmental toxins (but not vaccinations). There is a remarkable amount of research going on in this field. The american academy of pediatircs has guidelines for the early identification & treatment of pdd kids. This approach has resulted inimprovements in pdd patients.
Autism part 2. Most autistic kids see material things rather than linguistic or interpersonal things. They see the world as a material, not verbal, environment. Treatment is directed trying to turn this around by early intervention. See nimh website on autism disorders. See your pediatrician for further intervention. See my health guides for more information.
Biologic disorder. What is now being called ASD is a cluster of disorders that have in common major disruption typically from a very early age in the development of social interactions, communication, and behaviors. The cause (s) remain unknown. The core feature is a markedly diminised to absent ability to socially connect with others. Language is absent or odd, as are some behaviors.

My son was assessed with an autism spectrum disorder by an aprn, what are the next steps?

Seek assessment. You are off to a good start. Seek confirmation from a developmental pediatrician, child psychiatrist and/or child psychologist.

If an adult was suspicious that they have an autism spectrum disorder; what's the way to get diagnosed?

See a psychologist. They will do a complete evaluation, including psycholological testing, which will almost always give the correct answer.
Also. They can apply for ssi, which will provide an assessment, or your state's vocational rehabilitation agency, which will assess current functioning & needs. Of course, complete neuropsychological and psychiatric evaluations are optimal, if funding is not an issue.
Consult. I recommend you consult a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist for an evaluation.

Is there really an autism spectrum disorder epidemic?

Yes, by numbers. A recent report from the centers for disease control (cdc) estimated ASD at 1 in 88 live births, the highest estimate yet. This contrasts with estimates from 20 years ago of 5-10 in 10, 000. What is unclear is why this has changed so much. Some believe it mostly is because of changing definitions and increased recognition of the problem; others insist it is a true change. Time will tell.
More than Before. The definition of the disease has broadened over the years. Thus 1 reason for the increase.2.Better understanding of the disease has led to more more patients being diagnosed. And there may be more of it, but we are not sure why.
No. There is an epidemic of renaming some disorders and including them under the umbrella of autism spectrum disorder. Recently, Asperger's disorder, non verbal learning disability and many cases of mental retardation have been included.

Hi. I have an autism spectrum disorder. Please suggestwho should I could talk to regarding this.

DAN doctor. Ask your physician. Look for a dan (defeat autism now) physician. Look at handle program. Consult with a chinese medicine practitioner for help in treating it as well. In my area I have a fabulous psychiatry practice who is wonderful in diagnosing and helping patients. Look for one in your area...And ask your doc first for a referral. Good luck.
Various approaches. There is no proven cure for autism, but a variety of interventoins can help improve function. Broadly, they break down into behavioral, educational, and physiological. There is no compelling evidence that any currently available physical intervention (vitamin supplements, chelation therapy, hyperbaric oxygen treatments and on and on) "fix" autism. Beware or excessive promises.
Seek a specialist. In florida there are several state centers for autism resource disorders (card) which provide expertise, education and resources for professionals and patients with autism spectrum disorder. Consultation with pediatric psychiarty, pediatric neuropsychology and/or developmental pediatricians would also be recommended. These are often complex children with needs for multimodal interventions. Good.
For yourself? . First, seek a primary care physician who is comfortable in this area by calling card, as suggested or the florida state medical association. If you need assessments for services or funding, call the state vocational rehabilitation agency & ssi. If all else fails, look on sdbp. Org to find a developmental/behavioral pediatrician in your are & ask to whom (s)he refers adult patients.

Are you born with an autism spectrum disorder or can you develop it later on in life like adulthood?

Born with it. You are born with the spectrum disorder typically. It may manifest a bit later in the 2nd year of life when social skill development is noticed. If determined later it was always there but was just diagnosed later.

Is PDD an autism spectrum disorder, if so, what does this mean?

Yes. Pdd is an autistic spectrum disease because the affected person has difficulty reading social cues and relating properly to emotional content. High functioning autistic spectrum individuals have language and can give dissertations on concrete subjects. Watch the film "temple grandin".
See Below. Pdd means pervasive developmental disorder. Sometimes is added nos not otherwise specified. This is sometimes referred to as a catch-all category. It is the term used when a child has several features of ASD autism spectrum disorder, but not all the criteria to have the formal ASD diagnosis.
Terms are changing. For several decades, pdd (pervasive developmental disorder) was the broad term that included autism asperger's disorder, and several other rare but similar disorders. Gradually, the term autism spectrum disorder (ASD) has gained favor, and the new manual appear to be doing away with pdd in favor of ASD as the broad term. Also, autism and asperger's disorder by go away as distinct diagnoses.