How to test if I have add (attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder) without going to a doctor? Any websites?

Dr Google. Web sites are helpful but only a licensed qualified doctor can make this diagnosis. Visiting these sites is a good start, if you believe you do have it, then consult your doctor for referral or evaluation. See my health files for more leads.
Wed not enough. Especially with adults, deciding if problems with attention, planning, and impulsivity are related to adhd or some other disorder can require fair sophistication. The first question is, are these new symptoms or been there most of your life? Adhd is not something you "catch" as an adult. Even if you had adhd as a child, adult problems may be only partly related. Really need to see someone.
ADHD Testing. You can only officially be diagnosed with adhd by a medical professional. Most of the tests online are simply indicators of the possibility of adhd and most of of them are invalid. You can find valid information about the disorder at chadd.Org (national association of children and adults with adhd.