Can kidney cysts cause adrenal insufficiency?

No. The adrenal glands, sitting on top of each kidney, are typically preserved in cystic kidney diseases. However that does not exclude screening for ai if clinical features are present such as unexplained hypotension, salt craving or worsening headaches.
No. It's very unlikely a kidney cyst can cause problems to the adrenals.

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Could kidney cysts cause adrenal insufficiency?

No. One grown-up out of maybe four has a kidney cyst. It's not going to damage the nearby adrenal gland.

Was told my craigslist scan saw what appears to be dentigerous cyst. Can this cause adrenal insufficiency? What's my next step?

No relations. Dentigerous cysts involve cystic formation around an impacted or un erupted teeth and had no effect on the kidney functions..
Dentigerous Cyst. I think you are referring to some other type of dental scan. In any case, there is no relationship between a dentigerous cyst and adrenal insufficiency. The next step would be to discuss the surgical options of removing the cyst with an oral surgeon and if you have adrenal insufficiency to discuss that issue with an endocrinologist.

Can you get adrenal insufficiency with any kidney disease?

Change to "no" Although the adrenal glands sit on top of the kidney, they are totally separate and are not otherwise related to the kidneys. Destructive kidney disease like cancer or infection could spread to the adrenals. There are many causes of adrenal insufficiency including but not limited to genetic disorders, infections, tumors, and suppression by steroid drugs if taken in a significant dose over time.
No. The adrenal glands sit above the kidneys. Adrenal insufficiency is not typically associated with kidney disease because the kidney doesn't influence cortisol production in a significant way. However, if a patient is on steroids for immunosuppression related to kidney disease then adrenal insufficiency may be a concern when steroids are weaned. This is well known and monitored closely by doctors.

I have a uti, severe flank&lower back pain, nausea, cramping, x5days, onantibiotic. Getting worse. Could it be a kidney stone. I have adrenal insufficiency?

Discuss with MD. There very well could be a stone, but more importantly we would want to make sure the antibiotic is appropriate if you are not getting better, and if fever or chills develop you will need to be evaluated even sooner.