Can high blood pressure result from low blood sodium?

Negative. Blood pressure can be high, normal, or low with hyponatremia (low blood sodium). The cause of the hyponatremia and other factors which are unrelated are the determinants of the blood pressure.

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I heard that a low salt diet is good if you have high blood pressure. How much salt/sodium intake is too much?

Depends. Not everyone is salt sensitive. Also, potassium which is found in fruit and vegetables helps balance the sodium. Eating lots of fruit and vegetables can help blood pressure. Also magnesium supplementation can help.

Ok I'm 31 6ft tal n weight 350 I have high blood pressure n this is freaking me out my hart rate is all ways runing low like out 55 r 54 what could?

Blood Pressure Meds. I would bet you are on medication for your blood pressure. If you are not then you are indeed in trouble and need to get to your doctor's office to correct this asap.

What risks are associated with low and high blood pressure?

Different. Low: dizziness, loss of consciousness, organ shut down, eg acute kidney failure, death. High: none in the short run unless extremely high. In the long run: stroke, congestive heart failure, chronic kidney failure, heart attack, aortic aneurysm, death.

Whats risk of high blood pressure with low pulse?

Many causes. There are many causes, including medications as well as heart disease. You should talk with your family practice doctor if you have high blood pressure.

How can I control my high blood pressure when I crave salt?

Diuretic. A diuretic will lower your blood pressure and help you excrete excess salt. You could also try a salt substitute. Always taste your food before you salt it, and then use the smallest amount you find satisfying.

What to do if I have high blood pressure, should I eat salt free food?

Good start. That would be a great start, low salt diet, cut out alcohol, exercise, weight loss, all good lifestyle changes one can make prior to starting pharmacotherapy. Good luck.
High BP. Optimal Diet for hypertension is called the DASH diet. This is a salt free diet that is dominated by fruit, veggies, whole grains, very lean meats of modest portions, no saturated fat, fish, no fried foods, minimal sugar, minimal bread, minimal muffin, etc and minimal pasta. Fruit and veggies can help lower BP with magnesium and potassium. Achieve ideal weight; don't smoke; exercise twice daily;

What could be causing high blood pressure and low pulse in a fit person?

Hypertension=common. Cardiovascular fitness often results in lower heart rate, but high blood pressure still occur. Essential hypertension (causse unknown) accounts for >90% of cases and being physically fit does not eliminate hypertension--it helps. Obesity/sedentary lifestyles make it worse. So, diet/exercercise is always advisable. Keep exercising and consult doc for eval/treatment. Good luck.
Many causes. Many common causes include: a diet high in fat and cholesterol not exercising regularly or not exercising hard enough being overweight a family history of high blood pressure tobacco use stress some birth control medicines kidney and hormone problems.

Why is it bad for a person with high blood pressure to eat a lot of salt?

Fluid retention. Salt causes fluid retention because the sodium is higher and it causes the serum osmolality to be higher, which brings in more water to the vessels of the body. This makes the blood pressure higher and the body must excrete more fluid to get it lower. So salt intake must be minimal. It also helps to give a diuretic as this increases urine exretion and so lowers blood pressure.