Can adrenal fatigue syndrome cause kidney stones?

No. The most common cause of kidney stones in women is not drinking enough water. When the urine is concentrated, crystals, which can become stones, form more easily than when the urine is dilute from a higher intake of water.
No. There is no direct correlation with adrenal fatigue syndrome and kidney stones.

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Will having kidney stones cause me even greater issues because I also have Multiple Sclerosis? I'm in pain and extra fatigued.

Hopefully not. Pain related to kidney stones needs 2B treated appropriately. As does MS. Small stones hopefully pass on their own with hydration + possibly tamsulosin to help dilate ureter to facilitate passage. Obstruction from stones needs to be relieved. Stones need to removed if they are associated with urinary tract infections as infected fragments form nidus for further infections & stone enlargement.
Comments. Kidney stones are miserable and probably one of the most intense pains that humans can encounter, but will not make MS worse or trigger a relapse. If the stones are a nidus of infection, this could be an answer for your bladder infection. There is no causal relation between kidney stones and MS, and you could consider lithotripsy to deal with these.

I have already passed 2 kidney stones and 3 days ago I felt a similar pain on my left side lately I have been extremely fatigued, could it be related?

Kidney stone fatigue. Certainly the similar pain sis concerning for recurrent kidney stone. You should have this evaluated with a urine test and possibly some radiologic imaging. The connection between kidney stones and fatigue is less direct and there may be more than one thing going on. I suggest you see a physician and have some other testing. Best wishes.
Not. Fatigue is unrelated but the pain in your lt. Side might be passing stone. If you have had radiographic studies when you passed the 2 stones, that study may show if there were more stones in the left kidney (it depends how long ago you passed the 2 stones). A KUB (just a plain xray)& kidney sonogram would help. If still having pain, CT-ivp with contrast would be more diagnostic. Call doctor. Good luck.

Had CT w/o contrast of kidneys to check for kidney stones - was normal. Would adrenal tumor/mass have shown up if present?

Yes. Yes it would have shown. Why did they not give contrast? Do you have creatinine higher than 2.0? Hope no stones:)
Yes it would. Unless adrenal tumor was tiny, i.e. less than 2 - 3 mm in diameter.

I was diagnosed with kidney stones. Worried I have kidney failure: fatigue, lots foamy pale urine, and bilateral pain after 800mg ibu liquigels. I never heard back from blood test. Was I misdiagnosed?

Call your doctor now. Your symptoms are concerning. You might have a kidney infection which is common with kidney stones. Kidney infections can be serious. At the very least you should go to urgent care tonight.
See your doctor. You need to be reassured at least, call your doc for an explanation of the labs and let them know of the foamy urine and pain.