How to clam down a panic attack? Without meds.

Not easy. Cognitive behavior therapy skills do help with cognitive distortions associated with panic attacks. Simple meditative techniques such as breathing exercises may help in mild panic attacks.
Try these. Breathing exercises (deep breath, hold it briefly, breath out slowly, repeat). Positive thinking (repeat "i am okay" to yourself). Yoga. Meditation. Prayer. Journal writing. Talking to a good friend/family member. Counseling/therapy. Exercise. Guided imagery.

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Other causes. While your assumptions make sense, panic attacks frequently occur for a variety of reasons. You may be drinking coffee at work which is triggering them, your other medications may be precipitating them, it could be the physical environment, with allergens, and so on. Talk to your treating physician about treating your anxiety with a medicine that lasts all day instead of alprazolam. Read more...