I wana lose weight. I live at home, we don't always eat healthy & work schedule is random, I can't find exercise buddies. I'm getting depressed. Help.?

Reclaiming control. Sounds like you are frustrated with parts of your situation beyond your control due to other people's choices. Focus on aspects you can control, and try to find ways to incorporate at least one activity of your own choice each day: exercise, a healthy meal, learning something new, going somewhere fun. As you do more for you, asserting your choices in food & activity will come easier, too.
Be SMART @ it. Imagine ur random day turning into the best day of ur life. Set out small specific goals for those 24 hours. Each goal must be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. Find a schedule that fits and flows your ebb tide. Push yourself to the point that you feel comfortable & content w each little accomplishment; you'll reach a point where u r coasting, and each day gets better. Do it.
Slow positive change. Start slow and think of small positive changes to work into your daily life in the areas of nutrition, physical activity (aerobic, strength training, flexibility) and stress management (including sleep!). Find a buddy online if unable to find one with family, cowaorkers or at church. Some people start by keeping a journal of that they eat to add awareness, more water, more protein, more veggies.