I have been having reoccurring sores in my mouth for about 3 years now, is their anything to cure or treat it.?

RAU. These sores sound like recurrent apthous ulcers (rau). These ulcers are generally due to stress. They are herpetic (viral) sores. Rinse with warm salt water frequently until they go away, and drink a lot of water to stay hydrated. Cleanliness is most crucial to proper and prompt healing.
Canker sores or. Aphthous stomatitis may be associated with acidic foods, trauma to the oral mucosa, nutritional deficiency (b12, zinc, folate, (folic acid) iron) or GI ds like crohn's. Otc pain relievers like oragel/anbesol can help. Swishing a combination of warm salt water, alcohol-based mouth- wash, & hydrogen peroxide can soothe & aid healing. Otc glyoxide works similarly. Replacing deficiencies may prevent. See dentist—>.