I am vegetarian and I also eat kosher, but I don't experience regular bowel movement. Any dietary or lifestyle suggestions?

Kosher colon care. Many pareve & milchig favorites can be constipating, especially processed carbohydrates (white breads, pastries, noodles, anything made from matzoh meal) & cheeses. Try using more whole grains & also plenty of fresh fruits & veggies. For torah at your table, aim to fit the seven species of eretz yisroel into your weekly menu: whole wheat, barley, grape, fig, pomegranate, olive oil, & date honey.
Irregularity. Try increasing the fiber in your diet with plenty of fruits & vegetables; drink plenty of water to assist the fiber in normalizing bm's. There are many fiber supplements that may help as well; again, adequate fluid intake is a must. Fiber works both ways: fiber+little fluid firms the stool; fiber+plenty of fluid softens the stool. If problem persists, see fp for further evaluation.