Hi. My 3yr old gets a runny nose and bad night cough in winter. Drs gave asthma meds. Not working. Any other ideas please :) no sleep : (?

Avoid smoke/flu vac. In addition, if your child has uncontrolled asthma, there are a number of medications including steroid inhalers, non steroidal anti inflammatory medications which may be used. It is recommended that asthmatics have a flu vaccine unless otherwise contraindicated, to prevent infection with influenza. Avoiding cigarette smoke will prevent irritation and spasm of the airways..PRMG/Pediatrics CA.
Allergies. It may be a combination of allergie and post nasal drainage due to dry air n the home or some other allergen. A humidifier in the room may help warm the air and alleviate the runny nose and cough.
Environmental cough. Winter brings some different environmental challenges to kids with sensitive airways.A healthy humidity zone runs from 30-40%& a heater can quickly drop it to <10% unless you have a humidifier going.Dry heat can produce these sx.Kids with marginally controlled asthma cough at night, so that rx is not unexpected.Sometimes particle filters or at least frequent filter changes for your system can help.